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Gonk Reindeer Feeder Pack

Hurry! Only 1 left in stock
  • Cute reindeer feeder kit includes -
  • 24-page colour storybook
  • Reindeer feeder decal to put in the window
  • Plush grey shrumann gonk toy
  • Bag of reindeer food
  • Reindeer feeder license
  • Great Christmas eve box gift idea!

Product Details

Who feeds the reindeer while Santa delivers the presents? This little 'shrunken human' otherwise known as a Shrumann will!
All the way from the North Pole, this magical gonk creature will help feed the reindeer whilst Father Christmas is busy delivering presents. 

What is in the box? 
1x Authentic Shrumann Gonk
1x Reindeer Feeder Story Book
1x Re-useable window sticker
1x Carrot Sack 1x Feeder license

Great gift idea for your little ones' Christmas Eve box, this simply place your reindeer feeder on your mantlepiece or windowsill. Make sure to put some carrots into the feeding sack on Christmas eve, enjoy the story of the reindeer feeders and begin a magical family tradition!


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