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Set of 6 Glass Red and White Candy Canes Hanging Decorations

In Stock
  • Set of 6 glass candy canes
  • 12cm
  • Dual-tone: red and white stripes
  • Ideal Christmas tree ornaments
  • Silver cap and hanging cord
  • Adds festive charm to your Christmas decorations

Product Details

Indulge in the sweet spirit of Christmas with this delightful set of 6 glass candy cane hanging decorations. Each candy cane, measuring 12cm in length, boasts the classic dual-tone red and white stripes that evoke the joy of holiday sweets. The silver cap and hanging cord make them effortless to display, instantly infusing your Christmas tree with a sugary, festive charm. Elevate your Christmas decor and capture the essence of Christmas sweets with these whimsical ornaments.


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