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360 Glow-Worm Fairy Lights - Blue & White, Pastel

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360 Glow-Worm Fairy Lights - Blue & White, Pastel 360 Glow-Worm Fairy Lights - Blue & White, Pastel
  • Glow-worm fairy lights available in Blue & White, Pastel
  • 360 LED lights
  • Multifunction
  • Lit length - 8.97m
  • 10m lead length
  • 25cm bulb spacing
  • Transformer rating ip20/32v/3.6va
  • Green cable
  • Indoor & Outdoor use

Product Details

Create a dazzling display with our 360 Glow-worm Fairy Lights! Featuring 360 LEDs, a lit length of 8.97m and a 10m lead length, they are great for both indoor and outdoor spaces. With a 25cm bulb spacing, these lights are perfect for decorating Christmas trees or draping along walls, ceilings, or around furniture. They have a frosted convex top on the LEDs for a modern look on the traditional fairy light bulb, resulting in an enchanting visual effect that catches the eye.
Featuring a green cable, these lights seamlessly blend with natural surroundings, whether hung outdoors to complement your garden landscape or indoors to infuse your living spaces with a cosy glow. The multifunctional feature lets you choose from a variety of lighting effects, adding an extra layer of charm to your gatherings, parties, or everyday d├ęcor. Please note that while the lights are out for outdoor use, the mains transformer is to remain indoors or in a sealed water-tight electrical box.


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