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5m Red & Aglan Welsh Dragon Tinsel

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  • Green aglan and red fine-cut tinsel
  • Die-cut Welsh dragon decorations
  • Longer length - can be cut to any size
  • 5m / 16.4ft in length
  • 10cm / 3.9 inches in width
  • Indoor use only
  • British made tinsel

Product Details

Whether you're decorating for a very special Nadolig, celebrating St. David’s Day, or cheering Wales in a sporting event, let this versatile tinsel bring joy and vibrant charm to your decorations. This delightful tinsel features a combination of green aglan and red fine-cut Welsh dragon die-cut strands, intricately woven together to create a stunning visual effect. The contrasting colours evoke a sense of Welsh pride, making it ideal for showcasing your love for Wales during various occasions.
Measuring an impressive 5m (16.4ft) in length, this tinsel provides ample coverage to embellish your home, office, or event space. Its longer length allows for flexibility and customisation, as it can be easily cut to any size you desire. Whether you need a shorter strand for a smaller area or a longer one to drape across a larger space, this tinsel is adaptable to your decorating needs.
With a width of 10cm or 3.9 inches, it creates a bold and eye-catching statement wherever it's displayed. This generous width ensures that the tinsel stands out and adds a festive touch to any setting. You can use it to adorn bannisters, mantels, doorways, or any other area that needs a pop of colour and festivity.


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