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Extra Long 10m Black & White Halloween Skull Tinsel

£7.00 £10.00
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  • Create a spooky atmosphere with our Halloween tinsel range
  • Black and white skull die cut tinsel
  • Extra long - can be cut to length
  • Fine cut
  • 10m / 33ft in length
  • 10cm / 3.9 inches in width
  • Indoor use only

Product Details

Unleash the eerie enchantment with our black and white skull die cut tinsel, designed to send shivers down your spine! Measuring a chilling 10m (33ft) in length, this extra-long tinsel can be easily tailored to your desired size, ensuring a perfect fit for your fright-filled festivities. With its finely crafted cut and 10cm (3.9 inches) width, it infuses a touch of spooky elegance into any space, making it an ideal addition for kids' Halloween parties and trick-or-treat adventures. Crafted for indoor use, this versatile tinsel offers endless possibilities for decorating. Hang it on doors to welcome trick-or-treaters, wrap it around banisters for a spine-chilling effect, or drape it along mantelpieces to transform your home into a haunted haven. Let the Halloween fun begin!


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