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Extra Long 10m Fine Cut Green Tinsel

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  • Extra long - can be cut to length
  • Fine cut tinsel
  • Dark and light green colour
  • 10m / 33ft in length10cm / 3.9 inches in width
  • Indoor use only
  • British made tinsel

Product Details

Brighten up Christmas with our Extra Long Fine Cut Green Tinsel, blending natural beauty with festive charm. Its green tone replicates fresh evergreen foliage, adding authenticity to decor. Versatile and easily cut, embellish any space effortlessly. The fine-cut design exudes elegance, with dark and light green hues creating captivating appeal. 10m/33ft length and 10cm/3.9 inches width guarantee a dazzling display that complements your theme. Use it creatively - wrap around the tree for a lush look, adorn stair railings, mantels, or windows, craft stunning wreaths, or intertwine with fairy lights for an enchanting glow.


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